Thursday, 28 February 2013

Recording Project

I've had a fantastic time over the last few months putting together a CD of my music, that will hopefully appear properly later in the year. In the meantime, I've made a few little clips to give people an idea what it sounds like. I'm enormously grateful to the quite amazing performers, who really gave an incredible amount to the project, and also to Erik Nystrom, without whose brilliant work as an engineer I couldn't have done this.

Here's all of Alles, a little piece that superimposes, quite inappropriately, California Über Alles by the Dead Kennedys and Nico's very dark and peculiar version of Deutschland Über Alles: With Mayah Kadish, Lucy Railton, Serge Vuille, Roderick Chadwick and Mark Knoop, recorded at The Forge in London, January 2013. Engineering by Erik Nystrom. And this a section from After and Before, the piece I wrote as part of my spectral piano project with Roderick Chadwick, who sounds quite amazing here: Roderick Chadwick, piano, with Ensemble Plus-Minus: Marcus Barcham-Stevens - violin, Vicky Wright - clarinet, Lucy Railton - cello, Tom Pauwels - electric guitar, Newton Armstrong - electronics, conducted by Mark Knoop. Thanks also to the ensemble's directors, Joanna Bailie and Matthew Shlomowitz.

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