Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Resonance Studies

I've already posted about a couple of aspects of my current project - exploring the resonance, spectral and microtonal aspects of the piano. I'm fascinated by the basic tension that exists between 88 keys at least nominally - they aren't really - all the same distance apart from each other, and resonances that aren't part of the equal-temperment compromise. In turn, this seems to have really interesting consequences for ideas like cause and effect - the cause (what's played) is in one harmonic place, the effect (the resonance) is in another.

The 5 short solo piano pieces that I wrote last year were a kind of preparation for a big piano and ensemble piece that will be played by Roderick Chadwick and Ensemble Plus-Minus at King's Place on October 15th. Here are 3 of them from their, first performance:

They don't all withstand recording, at least like this, very well, so lots of things disappear... A somewhat better quality recording of all 5 (uncompressed so a very large file), and the score are both available from the sidebar.