Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Spectral Piano Day

on February 3rd, Roderick Chadwick and I are organising an event about the piano and spectralism, resonance, and the overtone series, at the Royal Academy. This work has been the basis for my Resonance Studies, which will get their second outing, and is getting its next incarnation in an expansion of those pieces with an ensemble as well that will be played by +- this October.

There will be a couple of talking sessions, also including the composer Newton Armstrong. we'll talk about both our own pieces and some of the precedents for them, from Chopin and Liszt to Stockhausen and Lachenmann. In the evening there will be a concert including 3 wonderful student pianists at the RAM - Florian Mitrea, Chris Ma and Karim Said - as well as Roderick, and the programme will be:

Horatio Radelescu - Piano Sonata No.4
Newton Armstrong - Too Slow
Alex Hills - 5 Resonance Studies

Liszt - Funerailles
Helmut Lachenmann - Serynade

Full details are on the RAM website here.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

1958-1961 in San Francisco

A concert coming up in San Francisco - a new quintet, 1958-1961, will be played by EARPLAY on February 6th. The piece is a sort of conceptual cover of various aspect of Ornette Coleman's seminal albums from that period - especially the great great Lonely Woman, and the equally stunning but more epic Free Jazz. Here's Lonely Woman:

And more details of the concert are here.