Saturday, 23 April 2011

Shklovsky, Digression and Coin-Operated Boy

Last month I gave a rather dense paper called 'Enstrangement and the Narrative Frame', about, loosely, the shared nature of musical and literary digression, and how the theories of Viktor Shklovsky - the same thinker who inspired Everything in Life Can Be Montaged - helps us to understand this. A pdf of the full paper can be downloaded from the sidebar. Part of it, however, is about popular music, and works better with video, so I thought I'd put that up here directly. It's a little long, so click on the title above for the continuation.

Knight's Move - New York Performance

Rather belatedly, I discovered there was a very high quality video of the - even higher quality - performance of Knight's Move that Either/Or gave in New York a year ago. Many thanks to David Shively and Alex Waterman for their superb playing, and also to Rick Carrick, along with David the ensemble's director.

Some Performances

A performance coming up soon - Some States Can Be Resolved Rhythmically, with Lucy and Aisha again at Cafe Oto on May 10th, 8pm on - more details here.

And - much - further in the future, a new piece for Earplay, 1958-1961, will get its first performance at Herbst Theatre in San Francisco in February next year, and a piano concerto for Roderick Chadwick and Ensemble +- in London at King's Place in May next year.