Saturday, 1 March 2008

Iannis Xenakis

For me Xenakis is one of the absolutely great composers of the last century, and in the last week or two I've come across a couple of very exciting things related to him, along with hearing a really good performance of Jalons by the Manson Ensemble at the Royal Academy.

One is this simply amazing performance of Psappha, the solo percussion piece, by Steve Schick in San Diego, just a week or two after Xenakis died:

Even more exciting was to find a graph of Evryali, made by another San Diego musician, and very old friend, John Mark Harris. He represents the piece's wonderful, hydra-like, dividing lines in a way which actually looks a lot like the score of Psappha, and best of all, you can follow the graph while listening to his astonishing recording of the piece - here.